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Lotus Legend Review 2023
Rating 4.53 / 5
Lotus Legend - Mega888
With a 5-reel, 3-row matrix, and 25 fixed paylines, Lotus Legend Mega888 provides an engaging gaming experience. Players can wager as little as 25 game credits, or $0.25 in-game money, up to a maximum of 30000 game credits, or $300.00 in-game currency, for a complete line bet. Each spin has its unique value. Both big rollers and casual players can enjoy the game because to the variety of betting possibilities available.

Lotus Legend


Pros and Cons of

Lotus Legend

  • ✅ The game's environment looks stunning due to a well-chosen colour palette.
  • ✅ Numerous chances to win, with progressive jackpots, increasing winning lines, and free spins.
  • ❌ The focus on jackpots may not be suitable for players who prefer games with more diverse features.

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Lotus Legend

It is possible to play Lotus Legend on the Mega888 IOS and APK Android platforms, which is a very popular slot game among Mega888 gamers in Malaysia. In this review, we’ll look at what sets this game apart from the other 183 slots on Mega888 and why it’s become a fan favourite.

Lotus Legend is a popular option among gamers since it provides a fantastic gaming experience and a tonne of added features. The RTP of this game, which is exceptional at 96.52%, gives players a better chance of winning. In fact, Lotus Legend is the only game that more than 60% of Mega888 players play, demonstrating its attraction and popularity. Let’s explore the gameplay and features that make Lotus Legend such a popular slot game on Mega888.

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Lotus Legend Slot Symbols

The 10 symbols in Lotus Legend Mega888 are split among low-paying and high-paying groups. Players may increase their chances of winning by learning how each sign works because each one has a unique value and purpose in the game.

Typical playing card icons (9, 10, J, Q, K, and A) can pay out up to 150 times the player’s wager. While they are the most prevalent in the game, these symbols are also the least valued. Yet, getting five of these symbols in a row might still earn you a respectable payoff.

High-paying symbols

The 5 bar, 5 symbol representing 7 7 7 7 7, and WILD symbols are the game’s highest-paying symbols in Lotus Legend Mega888. The most valuable symbols in the game, these ones may pay out up to 2000 times the player’s wager.

Players should concentrate on snagging high-paying symbols and activating extra features to increase their chances of winning. The Red Box Bonus, Gold Tree Bonus, and Choose Lotus Bonus are three separate additional elements included in the game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, The Magic Shoppe is available to play on desktop and mobile devices.

The minimum bet for Lotus Legend is 25 game credits, or $0.25 in-game money, while the maximum bet is 30000 game credits, or $300.00 in-game currency, for a complete line bet.

Yes, there are three separate additional features in Lotus Legend: the Red Box Bonus, Gold Tree Bonus, and Choose Lotus Bonus.

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