918Kiss Review 2023 Rating 4.6 / 5

When you ask around for online games you will hear a lot of 918Kiss. They are previously known as SCR888 and now changed to 918kiss becoming one of the most well-known slot games in Southeast Asia.

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918Kiss Info

User Interface Friendliness: 4.33

Arg. RTP: 96.35%

Winning Rate: 97.87%

Number of Slot Games Available: 193

Release Date: Jan 1, 2019

No of Authorised Casinos:

New Games Release: 16

Supported Platform: IOS, Android

Demo Play: Yes

Video Quality: High (1080, 4k)

Game Features: Downloadable Games and Bonus Cash, Jackpots, Multipliers, and more.

Countries Available: Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand

Pros and Cons of 918Kiss

  • ✅ A great diversity of online slots
  • ✅ Great Selection Of Arcade Games
  • ✅ Varied collection of interesting games
  • ❌ Only available for Malaysian

Reviewer’s Impressions of 918Kiss

918Kiss is the common choice of people and is always placed relatively high in the heart of the people. In Southeast Asia, most veterans who enjoy playing online slots will be heard or a player of 918kiss. The only thing that player has to pay attention to is that 918kiss do not have any website browser platform for users to play. The player will have to search for 918Kiss APK to download on their mobile phone to play at 918kiss.

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918Kiss Slot Games

About 918Kiss

So what’s all the fuss going on with 918kiss? Well, it all started as a simple game that allows players to spend their time on their mobile or desktop. As you may already know, one of the biggest slot game providers, MEGA888, 918kiss, is their direct competitor. The popularity of 918kiss goes from Malaysia to Singapore, Thailand, and Southeast Asia. Its popularity has to do with the satisfactory level as it always returns to most players.

Moreover, players and fans are constantly getting updates and security checks to ensure players can play on the platform safely and soundlessly. Currently, in just Malaysia, there are more than millions of downloads for 918kiss mobile APK and it is one of the highest slot game providers in Malaysia. There are always new games and updates for slot games so players will not be bored that easily. With its diverse choice and variety of genres of slot games, 918kiss is always able to target its selected players to play on their platform.

Another big factor why 918kiss are famous among slot gamer is because of the very appealing odds. With the game having higher returns, the odds will add up making the players a higher chance to win.

Player’s Review On 918Kiss

  • There’s no doubt our expert's bias for the 918kiss review for its fun theme and exciting jackpots. Whether players are looking to win big or want to demo it’s gameplay, 918kiss help to cover all of it. With its enormous 200++ ways to win and a huge margin of 96% of RTP, you get to have a high chance to win across all of the 918kiss games.


    Anonymous A

  • Perhaps one of the best developers in the market, 918kiss. You can enjoy its offering when it comes to the gameplay experience and unique visuals. Because it’s collection variety is so diverse, you can easily find the best games that suit you.


    Anonymous B

  • I am one of the lucky guys who get to win many at 918kiss. Perhaps my games and lucks are well timed that I get to win many jackpots. Once you get to know the pattern of 918kiss, it’s easy to win over here. My favorite platform by far.


    Anonymous C

  • Too many games. 918kiss have too much game even after few years of playing cannot finish. 918kiss for me can play until many more years even until next generation.


    Anonymous D

  • BEWARE OF FAKE INFO. 918kiss no doubt one of the most famous provider in Malaysia. Best games and returns but if you’re looking for tips please beware of fake tips and information as the internet is flooded with unreliable knowledge.


    Anonymous E

918Kiss's Licensing & Regulations

918kiss are officially licensed and regulated by PAGCOR officials. Players can ensure that all the online IDs and cookies are highly secure and encrypted. Further recognition can be make with 918kiss being Registered Trade Mark brand and businesses under the Regulated & Licensed by the government and operates under Master License of Gaming Service Provider code, N.V #5369/918

All your online IDs and cookies are highly secure and encrypted. To ensure that our players are able to enjoy the utmost of our platform, we do not sell or share any of our member’s information to any third party or claim to be a marketing agency. Our information with members is highly confidential and will not ever be released publicly.

Our games have gone through the proper licensing channels through the official license issuer before releasing to the public. All our games members are enjoying now have gone through the standard procedure of security checking.

Our years of experience in the market speak volumes. As other platforms need an influencer to endorse their products, 918kiss does not need it as they have been in the market for a long time. The budget 918kiss allocated is solely based on players’ benefits and satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The main benefit is having to be safe, reliable and transparent management. You will have secure withdrawal and deposit, ensuring all the money is secured to have peace of mind when playing. Also, the player gets to have quick withdrawal without the hassle, and customer service is available 24 hours every day to serve you if anything requires their attention.

The biggest 918kiss compatible online casino platform will be UEA8. They are a Malaysia based company that has grown into the Southeast Asia market for the past few years. Now, they are currently one of the biggest in their country and are their own citizen No.1 choice.

918kiss is perhaps one of the providers that cover all types of slot games! From 3D to 2D, anything that you can imagine is possibly available at 918kiss. This also includes the genre, and their various games have no diversity. From space to cowboy, alien to sexy girls, basically any wild imagination you have.

It’s as easy as ABC. Any common knowledge of any mobile phone will allow you to use 918kiss without any hassle. Their system and game are all focused on players’ usability. All their icons and information are strategically placed to allow players to access the information while maintaining the slot game as their primary screen.
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