Magic Lamp

Magic Lamp Review 2023
Rating 4.67 / 5
Magic Lamp - Jili
15,625 paylines and up to 50 free spin cycles are available in the Magic Lamp slot. During the free spins, as long as Aladdin and the genie appear simultaneously, the genie will move his fingers to work magic, granting players fantastic bonuses.

Magic Lamp


Pros and Cons of

Magic Lamp

  • ✅ 50+ free spins
  • ✅ Infinity payline
  • ❌ Limited Featured set

Reviewer’s Impressions of

Magic Lamp

Magic Lamp by Jili features five reels, and The graphics are crisp and clear, with bright colors and simple animations. The soundtrack is upbeat and lively, with some Middle Eastern influences.

It’s got a great theme that I love. I love all those old-school cartoons, and this one is no exception! The graphics are super cute, and the music is so catchy. You’ll get to play 15,625 paylines and up to 50 free spin cycles in the Magic Lamp slot.

During the free spins, as long as Aladdin and the genie appear simultaneously, the genie will tweak his fingers to spin off magic, granting players fantastic bonuses.

The symbols on the reels include Aladdin, the alphabet J, K, A, and Q plus the magic carpet, dagger, and palace with a huge top dome (which is often associated with Egypt), as well as a genie lamp that acts as the wild symbol.

The wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols except for scatter symbols (which you’ll find in abundance here). It also multiplies any winnings when it appears on a winning combination.

You’ll have access to over 100 different winning combinations when playing this game. This means there’s always something new going on around every corner!

You’ll also be able to play your favorite slot machines from other casinos through Jili’s Magic Lamp platform.

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How To Play Magic Lamp Slot?

If the player has enough money, they can use Magic Lamp’s special “2X increase” to get the bonus spins. As you wager more, the wizard will insert the scatter symbol twice, increasing your chances of winning more prizes.

Different points will be indicated when the sprite symbol occurs during the free spins. The more light the sprites control, the more points they will score. When they match the WILD to get a combo, players may see the condition of the sprites on the board. This is a very intriguing small-game mechanic as well.

  1. Beginning on the left reel and moving to the right in sequence, all winning symbols must appear.
  2. Bet odds times bet amount equals all winning totals.
  3. 15,625 maximum pay lines.
  4. Each winning line is only paid out the highest winning sum.
  5. If a problem arises and it is unable to verify the game results, the round of the game is illegitimate.

Use a sensible bet amount to activate the “2x access to free spins” switch if you want to increase your earnings. There is a chance of winning big prizes if you participate in free spins, so gamers have something to battle for. It would be wise to attempt this game’s approach!

Magic Lamp Slot Free Game Bonus

  • On each reel, there may be one or more Scatter symbols. The player enters a free game when there are three or more players on the field. More free games, up to 50, are awarded for more scatter. A free game will not feature the emblem.
  • It only shows up in free games and can stand in for any symbol.
  • You will receive the total marked scores for every Genie Giant in the game when WILD and Genie Giant both appear together!
  • The total scores are counted once for each WILD that appears in a round.
  • Activates a unique game mechanic for the current round. Even connected lines will continue to count towards the line bonus.

Magic Lamp Slot Symbols

Wild Symbol

Aladdin-themed unique Wild symbols are only present during free spins in the Genie Gili slot game. All other symbols in the game are replaced by this one. In addition, when the Wild and Genie symbols show up together, they combine all of the Genie symbols and win big! allowing for the possibility of greater rewards.

Genie Giant Symbol

A gigantic ginny that delivers the first odds is the first highest odds symbol in the Magic Lamp slot machine. The symbols with the highest chances, excluding the scatter, from a total of 10 are X1, X2, X3, X5, X10, X20, and X50.

Magic Lamp Symbol

The magical golden lantern sign, which places second, is the symbol with the highest rating. special icons used in slot machines. Except for wilds and scatters, there are nine symbols in Magic Lamp slot games. These symbols have chances of 3, 5, 4, or 6 times x3 and are arranged in that sequence.

Magic Lamp Slot Machine Payouts

There are 12 in-game symbols total, including the Common Payout, Scatter, and Wild symbols. Up to 50 free spins are available in this game.

Magic Lamp Paytable

Magic Lamp Paytable - Jili Slot

Player’s Review

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You can play the Magic Lamp with free at Slot Game Malaysia and other casinos  recommended by Slot Game Malaysia.

If the player has enough money, they can use Magic Lamp’s special “2X increase” to get the bonus spins. As you wager more, the wizard will insert the scatter symbol twice, increasing your chances of winning more prizes.

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