Golden beauty

Golden beauty Review 2023
Rating 4.47 / 5
Golden Beauty - Mega888
The Mega888’s “Golden Beauty” video slot is a 5*3 game with 20 paylines. The slot features a medium amount of volatility and an RTP of 96.21%. Wild, free spins, symbols collecting, and scatter symbols are the primary game features.

Golden beauty


Pros and Cons of

Golden beauty

  • ✅ The game's environment looks stunning due to a well-chosen colour palette.
  • ✅ Numerous chances to win, with progressive jackpots, increasing winning lines, and free spins.
  • ❌ The focus on jackpots may not be suitable for players who prefer games with more diverse features.

Reviewer’s Impressions of

Golden beauty

We noted that the game has certain twists, but Golden Beauty is peculiar since it is a knockoff. If you’ve ever played IGT’s Scarab, then Golden Beauty will seem strangely familiar. Although they have different themes and are set in different eras, their features are same.

The identical batch of 10 spins, the full reel premium, and the same free spins rules and options are used by both. You can only imagine the Mega888’s collective sigh of relief when the idea for Golden Beauty was presented. The team returned to their comfort zone with an Asian-themed slot after attempting something new and succeeding with the slot Mysterious. It’s not meant to sound sarcastic, despite how it may seem. After seeing what Mega888 is eminently capable of, the sensation is rather one of disappointment.

Is it worthwhile to try, then? Maybe there you go if you’ve ever wanted to play an Asian version of Scarab. If not, not really. When frames accumulate, the 10-spin Progressive function does create suspense, but as soon as a calculator is brought out, the enthusiasm wanes. Although not very golden or lovely, a full grid of the premium symbols is worth 5000 times the bet. The bonus game, which has endless retriggers, may offer significant profits. Golden Beauty is by no means Mega888’s greatest work, and it lacks originality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, while Mega888 releases new games almost every month, Golden Beauty doesn’t offer anything new in terms of theme and gameplay.

Yes, the wild symbol in Golden Beauty can give you generous payouts worth up to 5000x your stake.

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