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Candy Pop Review 2023
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Candy Pop is a tasty treat from Spade Gaming. In this slot, the stakes are great as you compete for the enormous treasures that lie within. As you wait for the wins to come in, you may keep yourself engaged thanks to its excellent features and payouts. With cascading reels, bonus rounds, and different game levels to enhance gameplay, Candy Pop is a 6-reel, 6-row, cluster-pay slot machine. So be ready to play the wheels of this slot machine for big winnings and discover the sweet delights.

Candy Pop


Pros and Cons of

Candy Pop

  • ✅ Bonus round with multiplying multiplier wilds
  • ❌ Limited Featured set

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Candy Pop

Candy Pop is a delightful slot machine from Spade Gaming that will surely delight candy lovers and slot enthusiasts alike. This 6-reel, 6-row, cluster-pay slot machine is designed with vibrant colors and graphics that will immediately captivate your attention. The background features an eye-catching candy-themed display that is sure to keep you entertained. The game is set to a fun soundtrack that will keep you engaged as you spin the reels.

One of the standout features of Candy Pop is its cascading reels, which provide non-stop action and enhance the overall gameplay experience. The bonus rounds in the game are also a treat, as they offer players the chance to win additional prizes and enhance their overall winnings. The command bar is conveniently located at the side of the display, allowing players to manipulate the game with ease.

Another advantage of Candy Pop is that it is a medium variance slot, which means that players can expect regular payouts between spins. While the big wins may take a bit of patience, the frequent payouts will keep you entertained and engaged. Candy Pop is recommended for all players, whether they are novices or veterans.

Overall, Candy Pop is a must-play for slot enthusiasts who are looking for a fun and exciting game. With its great features, excellent payouts, and stunning graphics, Candy Pop is a game that you won’t be able to resist. So be ready to play the wheels of this slot machine for big winnings and discover the sweet delights.

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How To Play Candy Pop Slot?

Every time Candy Pop loads, you will interact with various characters, which adds to the game’s excitement and fun. You may find candies in a variety of colours, including purple and blue. These icons serve as the slot machine’s regular paying symbols, and depending on the icon and the amount of times it appears on a payline, different payouts will be given. The maximum reward for matching six of these symbols is up to 200 coins, and the lowest payout for matching three of these symbols is up to three coins. Red, orange, and green candies make up the second group of figures.

When matched on a payline, these symbols, which stand in for the game’s low-paying icons, will result in a variety of payouts. The maximum reward for matching six of these symbols is up to 50 coins, and the minimum payout for matching three of these symbols is up to one coin. You must set your preferred stake using the command bar before claiming the prizes concealed in this slot. You have the option of placing a stake of 0.60 coins minimum or 450 coins maximum.

Winning Tips For Candy Pop Slot

Candy Pop does not have a lot of symbols compared to other slot games. There are actually very few of them. This is fairly out of the ordinary for contemporary slot games, which typically have twelve or more symbols. Candy Pop, on the other hand, only uses five different kinds, all of which are simple. To keep with the concept, the symbols in Candy Pop are all represented by different kinds of candies.

We must first consider the symbols’ ability to create winning combinations before we can discuss the symbols themselves. As we’ve already mentioned, Candy Pop does not employ an X-ways-to-win structure or a conventional payline system. Instead, it uses the Cluster Pays paradigm, which allows you to win regardless of where the symbols are placed. You would need to place three or more symbols of the same type next to each other, either vertically or horizontally, to complete a combination.

Based on the payments they provide, the symbols are arranged in a definite hierarchy. Each symbol is distinct from the others thanks to its unique shape and colour.

The Red Candy symbol offers 20 coins for an x6 line, making it the least lucrative. The Orange Candy follows, offering a prize of 30 coins for a complete combination. The payoff on The Green Candy is average, and when you line up six symbols, you might win 50 coins. The Blue Circle Candy, with its reward of 100 coins, is the next-to-last item. The Blue Star Candy, which awards 200 coins for a six-piece sequence, is the most lucrative.

Candy Pop Bonus Features

However, this game is more complex than just creating combinations. Candy Pop’s unique features spice up the gameplay. The Cascading Symbols feature, which is present during the base game, is the most prominent. The participating symbols vanish whenever you create a winning combination, and any symbols above them drop down. Following that, fresh symbols will be lowered to fill the open spaces from the top. If additional combinations occur, the process repeats itself until no more wins are obtained.

In addition to this, we also need to consider the unique bonus rounds. These are both level-specific, and there are two of them. You will create advantageous combos during the base game. The positions concerned will be marked in the game when this occurs. A gold border will be added to a place once three wins have been formed on it. To start the bonus round, you must gather six of these.

The lock boundaries will change into coins after you do this in Level 2 and the Candy Machine Bonus Game will start. In essence, the game will let you purchase sweets from a vending machine, and each candy variety has a multiplier. Three different types of sweets are available with multipliers of x0.5 to x5, x10 to x30, or x50 to x100. You will receive candy at random.

The second bonus round can be accessed on Level 3 and is activated under the same circumstances. The reels will be cleared and have numerous lollipops added to them when the round starts. Throughout the course of the round, the lollipops won’t move. There are three different varieties of lollipops, each with the same multipliers as the previous bonus rounds. You will have three spins to try to get more lollipops, and when you do, the number of spins will return to three. When all of the symbols have dropped or the entire grid is covered in them, the bonus feature is over.

You may have noted that we have already discussed levels. This is due to Candy Pop’s three distinct stages, each of which has a unique bonus round. It is in your best interest to utilise the bonus rounds and advance to the next one when it becomes available because they have a significant impact on your win potential. You just need to accumulate enough big wins to accomplish this, which is not extremely tough. To advance to Level 2 from Level 1, you must achieve 50 victories of any kind. To enter Level 3 from Level 2, you had to strike cascades five times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum bet for Candy Pop slot may vary depending on the casino or platform offering the game. It is best to check with the specific platform to know their minimum bet amount.

The cascading reels in Candy Pop work by removing winning symbols and allowing new symbols to fall into their place. This can lead to consecutive wins and enhance the gameplay experience.

Yes, Candy Pop has several bonus rounds that can be triggered by landing specific symbols. These bonus rounds can offer players the chance to win additional prizes and enhance their overall winnings.

The maximum payout in Candy Pop will also depend on the platform or casino offering the game. It is best to check with them for their specific maximum payout amount.

Yes, Candy Pop is available to play on both desktop and mobile devices, allowing players to enjoy the game on the go. The game is optimized for play on various mobile devices and offers a seamless playing experience.

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