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Street Racer Review 2023
Rating 4.25 / 5
Street Racer - Pragmatic Play
Fire up your vehicles! The Street Racer online slot from Pragmatic Play offers five separate free spins rounds and upgradeable symbols for a high-octane online gaming experience. It’s a gorgeously made game that will give you the ride of your life thanks to its stunning graphics and edgy characters. You can try out the Street Racer slot demo at Slots Temple right now if you’d like to play this game for free.

Street Racer


Pros and Cons of

Street Racer

  • ✅ 32400 mega ways
  • ✅ Chest multiplier for great prizes
  • ✅ Rows of WILD for guaranteed prizes
  • ❌ Limited Featured set

Reviewer’s Impressions of

Street Racer

When we first discovered Street Racer, we had a lot of excitement and hope for what this game would offer. It’s hard to deny that the graphics and sound design of the game are simply outstanding, doing a great job of immersing players in the fast-paced world of drag racing. However, once we started playing, we found that the gameplay didn’t quite live up to our expectations.

One aspect of the game that we were particularly looking forward to was the free spins round, which is triggered relatively frequently. While it’s great that players have the opportunity to activate this bonus game on a regular basis, the winnings from the free spins are often disappointingly small. It took us several attempts of triggering the bonus game before we finally managed to snag a prize that made a noticeable difference in our bankroll. In order to secure more substantial rewards, players need to progress into the later laps of the game.

Another issue that we have with Street Racer is the top prize. As a high volatility slot, we expected that the payout would be much higher than 2000x. The free spins round is so packed with excitement and thrilling gameplay, that it would have been great if there was a larger grand prize on offer to match the level of excitement. A higher top prize would have added to the overall appeal of the game and given players a greater sense of reward for their efforts.

In conclusion, while Street Racer looks fantastic and offers players the opportunity to experience the thrill of drag racing, the gameplay can be a bit underwhelming. The free spins round is triggered frequently, but the winnings are often small, and the top prize is relatively low for a high volatility slot. Despite these issues, the graphics and sound design of the game are sure to provide players with an enjoyable and immersive experience.

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Street Racer Slot Features

The features can appear complicated after reading the reams of information on the paytable. Fortunately, Street Racer is relatively straightforward once you cut through the clutter. A round of free spins based on a five-lap race is the only feature to be aware of.

The scatter symbol on reels 1, 3, and 5 is crucial. The Free Spins bonus game starts when 3 are visible.

Five options are offered before the race; each dramatically impacts how the bonus round is handled. In each scenario, the chosen driver’s corresponding symbol values are multiplied by 5.

However, the volatility increases and the number of free spins provided decreases as the value of the driving symbol increases. Making a decision is more difficult because the maximum win is also directly impacted. Options include:

  • The Firefly slot machine has a 3/5 volatility and 12 free spins.
  • Alpha has a volatility rating of 3.5/5 along with 11 free spins.
  • Bolt offers a volatility rating of 4/5 along with 10 free spins.
  • Ignite has a volatility rating of 4.5/5 and offers 9 free spins.
  • Vapor has a 5/5 volatility and 8 free spins.

The race can start once the preferred driver has been chosen. A nitrous canister, a new emblem for the game, is introduced.

Each time the player collects 3 Nitrous symbols, they advance to the next level (there are five in total). After that, additional free spins are given, and symbols might then be upgraded to the next highest paytable symbol.

How To Play Street Racer Slot?

Starting at 0.20 a spin, you can start playing the Street Racer slot machine online. Despite having 40 paylines, the bet multiplier is just 20x. You can place 1 to 10 coins in the range of 0.01-0.50. So, the maximum wager per spin is one hundred dollars.

Although there are a few different levels of volatility during the bonus round, Pragmatic Play has rated the game’s overall volatility at 4.5/5. Although 2,000x jackpot wins appear modest for such a risky game, the RTP rate of 96.52% is respectable.

You’ll enjoy the level-up progressive round of the Street Racer slot machine when you play it online since it will have you competing against the crew for pinks (as well as jackpot prizes, of course).

To activate the bonus, land three scatter symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5. A 5-lap race is used to represent the free spins round. For each lap, you must gather 3 nitro canisters to level up.

You can choose which of the five crew members will be your racing driver at the starting line. Make a wise choice because the higher value awards are only accessible by taking on more risk.

  • Newcomer Firefly receives 12 free spins and has a 3/5 volatility rating.
  • The volatility rating for Alpha’s 11 free spins is 3.5/5.
  • 10 free spins are available from Bolt with a 4/5 volatility rating.
  • Ignite offers 9 free spins with a 4.5/5 volatility rating.
  • The team leader, Vapor, offers 8 free spins with a maximum volatility of 5/5.

During the bonus, the payments for the crew member of your choice are increased. You will receive 5x more during free spins for five-of-a-kind wins, which increase in power as you level up. 

To advance to the following leg of the race, collect three nitro canisters. Your avatar can pass another driver on each leg, increasing the number of free spins you receive.

This effectively means that your driver changes the sign of another driver, bringing extra symbols to the reels.

If you drive defensively, you can speed through the Street Racer online slot’s free spins feature with a screen full of upgraded, high-paying symbols. It’s a fantastic bonus that can rack up wins and offers a turbocharged buzz.

Street Racer Bonus Features

In the bonus game, it’s a sprint to the finish line. You can select the driver depending on the maximum payment you hope to win, and the number of bonus spins you want to play. 

You will have to play with fewer free spins the greater the prize. To increase your wins during the bonus round, attempt to land on your chosen driver as frequently as you can:

  • Vapor offers 8 free spins and a 2,000x stake maximum win possibility.
  • Ignite has a maximum win potential of 1,500 times your bet and 9 free spins.
  • Bolt has a maximum win possibility of 1,000 times your wager and 10 free spins.
  • Alpha has a maximum win potential of 750 times your wager and 11 free spins.
  • Firefly has a maximum win possibility of 500 times your wager and 12 free spins.

Throughout the bonus game, you strive to gather as many nitrous symbols as possible. Every three nitrous symbols you gather will advance you by one level, giving you access to the next high-paying symbol and more free spins.

If you start with Firefly, you can win up to 23 additional free spins; if you choose to start with Vapor, you can win up to 19 further free spins.

Player’s Review

Frequently Asked Questions

96.52% is the Street Racer RTP. Big gains will be rare due to the significant fluctuation. The Free Spins feature, where your preferred driver symbol offers greater winnings, is the key to success.

Choosing Vapor during the Free Spins feature will result in a 5-kind win worth 50 times your bet. This indicates that the maximum payoff of 2,000 times your total wager will be awarded for a screen full of Vapor symbols.

Every online casino that offers Pragmatic Play slots also offers the Street Racer slot machine. Fortunately, there are tonnes of options because people like their slots. For the finest offers, check out the top Street Racer casinos.

The driver will impact the possible maximum win you select during the Free Spins feature. Even while Vapor delivers fewer free spins, the symbol’s worth can result in rewards of up to 2,000 times your wager for each free spin. The awards for the other drivers range from 500 to 1500 times the stake.

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