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Money Roll

Money Roll Review 2023
Rating 4.66 / 5
Money Roll - Pragmatic Play
Money Roll Slots is a 3-reel, 5-payline video slot game with a traditional feel. This medium variance casino game by Pragmatic Play has an RTP of 95% and a top payoff of 1,200 times. Use symbols like money rolls, gold bars, sevens, silver coins, and any other roll symbol to win prizes.

Money Roll


Pros and Cons of

Money Roll

  • ✅ Bonus feature to double your winnings
  • ✅ Multiple paylines to win big
  • ❌ Limited Featured set

Reviewer’s Impressions of

Money Roll

I’ve been playing Money Roll for a while, and I must say, it’s one of the best online casino slots that I’ve come across.

It’s got a lot going on: there are wilds and scatters, as well as some cool features that help you really rack up the winnings.

The background is a beautifully rendered cityscape at night. There are lots of lights and some trees, and other nature elements in the background.

The symbols are all coins: there are gold and silver coins and other types of currency from around the world. The wild symbol is a dollar sign (which makes me think this was made before the euro came into existence).

The scatter symbol is a slot machine with three reels—it looks like something straight out of Vegas!

The gameplay is pretty straightforward: you get five free spins when you get three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels.

During those free spins, you can choose to receive wilds instead of regular symbols. And if you get four scatter symbols during your spin round(s), then your total bet will be multiplied by 10x!

If you’re looking for an online casino slot game with lots of action, then this one definitely delivers!

Money Roll Demo

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How To Play Money Roll Slot?

Money is seductive, but before you attempt to hit it big on the reels, keep these pointers in mind:

This slot machine has a classic appearance, but regardless of whether you play for fun or real money, you must first decide how much to bet and how much each coin is worth. On the bottom of the screen, you can toggle any of these quantities. Moreover, players can choose how many paylines to use on each spin. After adjusting these, you may choose to play continuously by selecting the Autospin button or clicking the Spin button to play a single spin.

Money Roll Slot Paylines

Players can start out by betting between 0.05 and 25 coins every spin when they play this game. There are currently six different coin values available, ranging in value from 0.01 to 0.50 coins. After making this bet, players will start the game, which features symbols like cash, gold bars, silver coins, and silver sevens that can pay off.

Players can win anything from 1 to 6,000 when they land 1 to 3 of a kind of these icons. Try to land as many silver sevens as you can on the reels because they pay out more than silver coins and do so more frequently.

Money Roll Slot Bonus Features

There are times and places for simple games, but this one takes the idea a little too far. A Wild or a Scatter would have been sufficient to at the very least add some variety to the monotonous spinning. Although it wouldn’t be perfect, at least there would be something! Yet, even that is not included in this Pragmatic Play release. We are perfectly aware that certain players might appreciate receiving little to no bonuses, but those people are extremely uncommon. Money Roll becomes objectively worse to play without any gameplay improvements. And that’s what ultimately led us to award it a bad grade, not its slightly archaic aesthetics.

Player’s Review

Frequently Asked Questions

You have arrived at the ideal place if you want to play the Money Roll slot machine for free. Here at Slot Game Malaysia, this game has a demo version available.

Numerous of our favourite brand-new online casinos offer the Money Roll slot machine. Simply look through our list and the game library.

Of course. As long as you are using a mobile casino, you may effortlessly play the Money Roll online slot on your smartphone or tablet.

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