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Dim Sum Prize

Dim Sum Prize Review 2023
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Dim Sum Prize - Mega888
Europeans have long been drawn to Asian cuisine because of its unique fragrances of noodles and fish. You’ll be able to sample rice cakes, miso soup, and other Asian delights thanks to the Dim Sum Prize. Attempt to gather three vouchers, then treat yourself to a delicious dessert of fragrant jasmine tea. Here, you may enjoy Asian cuisine and profit from this delectable wok.

Dim Sum Prize


Pros and Cons of

Dim Sum Prize

  • ✅ Exciting soundtrack that adds to the game's atmosphere
  • ✅ Bonus symbols and vouchers add to the gameplay and provide opportunities for rewards
  • ❌ Limited focus on the gameplay as most of the action takes place in the kitchen setting

Reviewer’s Impressions of

Dim Sum Prize

It appears that the creators were inspired, at least in terms of style, by popular Chinese and Japanese food. Expect to see little more than the table and the food on it as the action takes place in the kitchen of some Asian restaurant. The music, which is played as the drums spin, adds excitement to the action, although the soundtrack is more spectacular than the environment. The game’s musical theme is a fantastic fit since it captures the whole mood of the restaurant and gives it the finishing touch.

We may state that the visual aesthetic is highly appealing and that the variety of its components makes an impression. The collection of images represents the staples of Asian cuisine. Jasmine teapots, bonus coupons, and rice cakes with meat are additional bonus symbols.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The game has bonus coupons and rice cakes with meat as bonus symbols, and players can collect three vouchers to trigger the bonus round.

The game has a maximum payout of 5000x the bet amount.

Yes, the game is available for mobile devices, and it can be played on both iOS and Android platforms.

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