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Super Rich Review 2023
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Super Rich - Jili Slot
JILI Games’ Super Rich is a lucky slot machine that features a Ganesh Festival backdrop. The story has a very fortunate beginning, and it aspires to make participants rich. According to Hindu mythology, the ancient deity Ganesh can remove any hurdle for his devotees and grant them success.

Super Rich


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Super Rich

  • ✅ Low house edge
  • ✅ Beautiful and detailed graphics
  • ❌ Limited Featured set

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Super Rich

Ganesh is regarded as a success emblem in Indian culture. If it is a golden Ganesh, you will undoubtedly be fortunate. Super Rich is a straightforward and engaging 3-reel, 1-payline video slot by Jili.

There is a playing area where you must catch three symbols in the middle of the line against a purple background. You will receive an 8-fold return on your wager for any three symbols on the line.

The largest payout is for the gold symbol. Your earnings will be increased by 18 times if you manage to land two ordinary symbols and one gold. You must line up three gold symbols in a row to win the top reward, an 888 multiplier.

Since I’ve always like slots, I knew I wanted to try Super Rich, a brand-new online casino slot machine for gamers and gamblers.

Additionally, you can select from three distinct bet levels: low (1 to 2 coins every spin), medium (3 coins per spin), or high, rather than being restricted to a single type of wager (5 coins).

Because of the lovely and vibrant colours, I particularly enjoyed the game’s aesthetics. The sound effects are also incredibly entertaining; they give me the impression that I’m watching from a vintage casino.

Both beginners and experts will enjoy this game. But compared to other slots, it has less bonus features.

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How To Play Super Rich Slot?

Players must pay close attention to one point when playing Super Rich: not all spins will have symbols, and the concept is the same as with all online slots, not every spin will be connected. The highest payment is 888X, which is a very high payout rate, and when you receive the symbols, you are certain to earn as little as 8X. Instead, this game provides large bonuses.

Board, Paylines

There are 32 paylines on the 33 board. As long as they reach any four Ganesh colours, players can win. There may be circumstances where no symbols appear since the disc is 3X3. As previously stated, there is not currently a relationship.

Free Spins
No free spins in this game.

Wild symbol
No wild symbols in this game.

Scatter symbol
No scatter symbols in this game.


super rich paytable - Jili slot

Winning Tips For Super Rich Slots

Don’t forget to pick your stake wisely if you want to win Super Rich. The player’s initial wager is 3 pesos when they first start the game, but you may change it by clicking “BET.” To get the ideal win ratio, players must choose the amount of each bet based on their investment.

Despite the fact that this game is fairly simple to win, it is not advised to start by betting the maximum (1920 pesos), as not everyone would be able to afford the repercussions if they lost. It is advised to start with a minimal stake of one peso, keep track of the outcomes of each spin, and then progressively raise the bet.

In contrast to the majority of online slots, in Super Rich you are assured to win more than 8 times the amount of the winnings, so you don’t have to fear that even if you win, you might not get your money back.

Its principles are so simple that it easily defeats the majority of arcade games. It subverts the idea of regular slot machines, which have high winning rates but modest winning bonuses or low winning rates but large winning bonuses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. On Slot Game Malaysia, you can play the Super Rich slot machine for free without having to download anything.

The RTP for Super Rich is 97%. You can free play this mediocre RTP slot machine on Slot Game Malaysia.

Yes. Free spins are an option on the Super Rich slot machine. Additionally, you can benefit from fantastic features like Autoplay, Scatter, and Wild.

The Super Rich slot machine does not have a progressive jackpot. Nevertheless, several additional intriguing features are accessible, like Autoplay, Scatter, and Wild.

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