HC Slot Review 2023 Rating 4.2 / 5

HC (Hong Chow) is a casino software provider mainly focusing on supplying slot games. People could find their products in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. As of today, they have made more than 40 slot titles.

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HC Slot Info

User Interface Friendliness: 4.37

Arg. RTP: 96.23%

Winning Rate: 96.87%

Number of Slot Games Available: 49

Release Date: Jan 1, 2019

No of Authorised Casinos: 84

New Games Release: 14

Supported Platform: IOS, Android, HTML-5

Demo Play: Yes

Video Quality: High (1080, 4k)

Game Features: Free Games and Bonus Cash, Jackpots, Tournaments, Multipliers, and more.

Countries Available: Malaysia, Singapore Thailand

Pros and Cons of HC Slot

  • ✅ Attractive Game Features
  • ✅ User Friendly
  • ✅ Big Bonus
  • ❌ Limited Availability

Reviewer’s Impressions of HC Slot

The first thing you'll notice about Jili's games is how much they resemble traditional video games. This is no accident—Jili believes that video game designs should be incorporated into slots to create a more immersive experience for players (and it works). Additionally, Jili uses advanced graphics technology to create stunning visuals that make every game look like it was made for the big screen rather than your desktop PC or mobile device.

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About HC Slot

Hong Chow seems like a secret society, there is limited information and reference material available regarding this provider. However, for certain tracks, the company seems to position itself as a slot games provider instead of a casino provider. As of today, the company has created more than 40 slot games. Yet this is all they offer to the market.

There is no solid evidence since when the company was first founded. However, from the number of games the company has created, we could possibly assume it is a newly established company for less than 3 years. This would also rationally answer that the company only offers slot games at the moment and might publish other casino-related games in future such as poker, roulette and live casino.

However, the company’s slots are equally high quality and players could easily find creativity in their games. This has countered the first perception of more casino-type games in future and they seem to have focused themself on the slot games market.

Eventually, there is no way to reveal the trust unless the company CEO has made an official announcement. Nevertheless, what is important for players is that they offer good slot games.

Player’s Review On HC Slot

  • You could tell that the product designer is a creative person by playing their games. They will fully utilise everything for innovation and creativity. I strongly recommend you to play their slots if you have been bored with conventional video slots and seeking something new.


    Anonymous A

  • I have been playing this game for a while with a minimum bet amount. It is undoubtedly a high quality slot game, but from my personal experiences, I couldn’t make any money from the games.


    Anonymous B

  • As an experienced slot game player, I have played more than 80 types of different slot machines. Nothing to mention about their graphic design and sound effect, they all meet the market standard. However, some of its games are quite creative which really sock me in the way they design it to be played.


    Anonymous C

  • I guess Hong Chow was founded by a bunch of slot freaks. They only make slot games. Trust me! Nothing else!!


    Anonymous D

  • If you love slot games. Here is where it suits you the most. They do offer decent quality slot games.


    Anonymous E

HC Slot's Licensing & Regulations

Since there is no official website available for this provider and due to limited reference material. There is no significant evidence to tell if the company was licensed by any jurisdiction. But we do discover that their business partners who offer their products were licensed by few reputable regulators in the industry.

Some of the regulators included government-owned organisations like Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). Moreover, they have also been certified by reputable online casino gaming testing laboratories around the world such as bmm testlabs and iTech Labs. Indicate their products fulfill industry-standard procedure, the outfit is generated by a random number generator and fairness is presented between consumer and supplier.

Having business collaboration and products being subscribed by licensed online casino operators indicated that their games were optimistically assumed to have passed through appropriate audit and testing by these regulators. However, players should be concerned that the company had no official announcement of obtaining any third-party acknowledgment by itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Slots Games






The Journey to the West



God of Wealth 3



Kung Fu Panda



Mahjong Warrior



The company has created a few slots which were designed according to classic movies such as Journey to the West and Kung Fu Panda. They have included specific character elements in the playing style which is very creative and unusual from conventional video slots.

Players could access Hong Chow’s slot from Boda8’s official website. Boda8 is an online casino operator which was first founded in 2018 in Malaysia. It supports a wide range of deposit approaches including cryptocurrency and provides 24/7 live chart services.

The company offers mostly 5-reels video slots with Wild and Free Spin features. However, there is still little classic slot tile available for conventional players.

The software engineers have done a great job in designing simple and clean user interfaces. Moreover, employing HTML5 gives the best gaming experiences regardless of device type.
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