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Rating 4.82 / 5
Scopa - Habanero
The online slot machine Scopa was created by Habanero. With five reels, 27 chances to win, and an RTP of 96.67%, it is a high-volatility game. Its features include expanding wilds, free spins, multipliers, scatter symbols, and wilds, all of which are based on a trip theme.



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  • ✅ Elegant and stylish game
  • ✅ 13 free spins with up to 5x multipliers
  • ❌ Limited Featured set

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As with the Rising Royals slot, we can often anticipate seeing kings, queens, princes, and princesses when royalty appears on the reels of online slots games. There is just one king in Scopa, who is accompanied by some combatants and some peculiar playing cards.

Wherever you see a bunch of Italians, they will ultimately start playing scopa. The word’s Italian translation is “broom,” and it refers to when players effectively “sweep” the board free of cards to get a point. A deck of forty cards, numbered one to seven and divided into the four suits of coins, swords, cups, and batons, is used to play the game. The infantry, cavalry, and king cards for each suit correspond to the king, queen, and jack in more conventional decks, respectively, for the numbers eight, nine, and ten.

With a peculiar horizontal reel-spinning movement that is more in line with the game’s concept, the Scopa slot makes full use of these cards in its gameplay. A luxurious train ride across Italy while listening to a classy music is what it means to play slots in style.

Scopa offers a departure from the typical explorer-themed online slot games with a Mediterranean influence. The game has some respectable rewards and a sleek appearance and sound, but the RTP is low and the volatility is significant, so we advise saving your money and playing this one for free instead.

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How To Play Scopa Slot?

Just below the reels, there is a clear layout of all the Scopa game controls:

1. To begin, choose your coin value using the buttons on the screen’s lower right. Spend some time adjusting the price of each spin using the 10 bet levels that you may change in the lower left corner of the game.

2. Tap on “bet max” to play your next game with the highest bets possible.

3. To play one game at the selected stake, click or press the spin button.

4. Autoplay enables you to play spins without continually hitting the spin button. Watch your balance carefully and be prepared to exit the bonus early if the spins aren’t going your way.

5. To examine the game’s rules and paytable, tap the I button in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

6. Modify the game sounds using the speaker icon located just below the game screen.

Scopa Bonus Features

Although though scatters only show up on reels 2, 3, and 4, there is still a payoff for getting three of them on the reels. 13 free spins are awarded for three train scatters. Three sun scatter symbols will trigger 13 free spins with a 5x multiplier if you can manage to do so.

You will receive an additional cash payment of 25 times your total wager if the entire grid is filled with winning symbols.

The game brings you to Milan with expanding wild reels after starting in Genoa with arbitrary multipliers worth up to 5x. Every wild in Naples creates another, but low-value symbols in Tuscany have a chance to become wild at random. The adventure comes to a finish in Venice, where each spin will bring you one wild, and if you trigger the free spins bonus, two wilds.

Scopa Slot Paytable

Scopa has 27 paylines, although only 15 of them must be wagered on for each play. With a coin value that starts at only 0.01 and 10 bet levels, you may stake anything from 0.15 up to an absurdly high 3,000.00 each spin. Any kind of slots enthusiast may find a game here, from low-rollers to the greatest high rollers.

  • Batons = 0.03, 0.10, 0.25
  • Swords = 0.03, 0.12, 0.40
  • Coins = 0.04, 0.15, 0.60
  • Cups = 0.04, 0.20, 0.80
  • Blue infantry = 0.05, 0.25, 1.20
  • Green cavalry = 0.07, 0.30, 1.50
  • Red king = 0.13, 0.50, 2.50
  • 3 x train scatter = 0.15
  • 3 x sun scatter = 1.95
  • 5 x wild = 2.50

Scopa Slot Symbols

Scopa Symbols - Habanero
Scopa Symbols - Habanero

Player’s Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Scopa has 27 paylines, but you only need to wager on 15 of them with each spin.

The wagering range in Scopa starts from just 0.01 per spin and goes up to 3,000.00 per spin. This means that there is an option here for every type of slots fan, from penny players to the highest of high rollers.

The sun scatter is a special symbol in Scopa that can reward you with an impressive payout of 1.95 if you land three of them.

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