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Haunted House (Habanero)

Haunted House (Habanero) Review 2023
Rating 4.44 / 5
Haunted House - Habanero
Do you like to have fun while also increasing your level of creepiness and experiencing some shivers? A Habanero online slot with a horror theme is called Haunted House. It contains excellent visual components, a good plot, and creative features.

Haunted House (Habanero)


Pros and Cons of

Haunted House (Habanero)

  • ✅ High pay-out of 120x max
  • ✅ Various ways to win
  • ❌ Limited Featured set

Reviewer’s Impressions of

Haunted House (Habanero)

This online slot needs no theme introduction. Based on a haunted gothic mansion, get set to be spine-chilled. Haunted House is a classic slots-style online slot machine created with players in mind.

If luck is on your side, playing on the 25 paylines and 5 reels could result in huge payouts. The bonus round, scatter symbols, and the pumpkin wild symbol gives the game lots of extra punch.

The Haunted House slot machine is a classic, and it’s easy to see why. The game features a haunted house with ghosts, bats, and spiders. The background is dark and ominous, with a full moon in the sky.

Like any other online casino slot machine, Haunted House has different paylines that you can bet on: 1-5 lines for a small bet, 6-20 lines for medium bets, and 21+ lines for high bets.

If you want to get involved in this game and win big prizes, then play with more than one line at a time.

This way, you’ll be able to win more often than usual. Plus, there’s no risk involved because all your wins will add up regardless of how many lines you choose to bet on at once!

Haunted House offers fast-paced entertainment. While Haunted House is a new game, even seasoned online slot players will find something to like.

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How To Play Haunted House (Habanero)?

With five reels and three rows in height, this video slot game is classic in design. They come together to produce a 15-space interface. Eleven playing icons can be used to fill each one of them. The game features 25 paylines in total.

By tapping the “plus” and “minus” buttons on the interface’s bottom, the player can, nevertheless, adjust the number of winning combinations to the ideal value. By the way, players can manually adjust their bet in the game from one penny to twenty coins.

Haunted House (Habanero) Bonus Features

This video slot machine is quite unique and entertaining to play thanks to the two wild symbols and one scatter in the game. Your money will be doubled when you activate the Ghost House bonus game. How do you start the bonus game? It only takes two Ghost Houses symbols to appear on the interface for their windows to open completely. Two ghosts will then emerge from them after that. Capture both ghosts, and your money will instantly quadruple!

A vampire serves as the game’s initial wild symbol. The second, third, and fourth reels are where you may find it. The other playing icons can be swiftly swapped out for those required to obtain a fortuitous winning combination by the vampire. If there are two of these types of wild symbols, the player will automatically see their money doubled! The Frankenstein wild symbol is also present in the game at the same time. Any reel can contain it. Frankenstein can give the player a multiplier in addition to replacing all other playing icons with the ones required to obtain a winning combination.

If there are five of these wild symbols, the player will receive a cash bonus of x1000. If Frankenstein contains a vampire, the player will instantly receive a cash increase of x2000! The scatter symbol is a haunted house. It is accessible on any reel. If there are only one or two haunted houses in the game, they are useless, but if there are two or more, they can increase the player’s financial advantage.

Only two haunted houses will grant the player a multiplier of x1, while five of these symbols will grant a cash boost of x200! The multiplier itself can be found in the game. Every time a winning spin of a reel occurs on the “Haunted House” video slot machine, it starts up automatically. Play it and receive your money back doubled by selecting between red and black cards!

Haunted House (Habanero) Paytable

With Haunted House, you can wager anything from $0.25 to a whopping $5,000 every spin. This is fantastic news for the high roller gamblers who enjoy placing large bets per spin in hopes of generating even larger payouts.

haunted house (habanero) Paytable

Haunted House (Habanero) Paylines

haunted house (habanero) Paytable

Player’s Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can. The free spins bonus is featured on the Habanero Haunted House slot. Further wonderful features include Autoplay, Scatter, and Wild.

A single successful combination on the Habanero Haunted House slot machine has a potential payout of up to $24,000. 

This sum is calculated by multiplying the greatest possible wager per line by the value of the best-paying symbol in the game.

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