CQ9 Review 2023 Rating 4.76 / 5

CQ9 is one of the Asia slot game developers that target Asia and Western countries. In the Western region, CQ9 frequently set up their booths at an exhibition showcasing their new innovative slot games and features. To execute those exhibitions, CQ9 established a well-made professional team that breaks away from traditional ideals and exhibits unique and innovation ideal. Developing games that meet the market needs and standards but, most importantly, fulfill their client requirement is their objective.

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CQ9 Info

User Interface Friendliness: 4.76

Arg. RTP: 97.11%

Winning Rate: 96.85%

Number of Slot Games Available: 109 Games

Release Date: Jan 1, 2016

No of Authorised Casinos: 135

New Games Release: 7

Supported Platform: IOS, Android, HTML-5

Demo Play: Yes

Video Quality: High (1080, 4k)

Game Features: Free Games and Bonus Cash, Jackpots, Tournaments, Multipliers, and more.

Countries Available: Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan and more

Pros and Cons of CQ9

  • ✅ High-frequency Jackpot
  • ✅ Big Variety of Payout Lines
  • ✅ Item Card Rewards
  • ✅ Point Ranking Rewards
  • ✅ Sign-in Rewards & Exp
  • ✅ Specialist in mobile slots games
  • ❌ Lottery games are not available

Reviewer’s Impressions of CQ9

Refreshing and unique, CQ9 give you the feeling of cartoon and animation with their slot game visual and sound effect. With their current marketing strategy, which is targeting Europe players, you will see most of the recent game's themes are inspired by famous stories such as Pharaohs, Cleopatra, Greek Goods, Sherlock Holmes, and even sports that are popular in the Europe country.

What amazing is their ability to cope and create new slot games with their target market theme. This only makes possible when their team consists of professional people with years of experience in developing slot games. Each game is so unique that when you change your game, you will experience a whole unique experience that differs from your previous experience.

Despite being a Taiwan company, CQ9 have no problem handling regional and their speed to address localized market are steady and determined. In just a few years, CQ9 have officially released hundreds of official slot game online for each region their target. Most of their game release, too, is not simply announced but go through proper channels and licensed with governmental corporations.

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CQ9 Slot Games

About CQ9

CQ9 is a Taiwan-based company that started in 2016. They became successful just a few years after being established and became one of the biggest slot game developers. The aggressive marketing in traditional strategies such as exhibition and door-to-door. Now, they can rival big companies such as NetEnt or Microgaming. Because of the good position in the slot game market in Asia, they are currently moving out to more markets such as Europe and many more Western countries.

CQ9 offer an interesting mix of games, especially with their professional team and technician. They are able to create many innovative features and unique themes. When new games are released, players can always expect a couple of surprises inside the game that will interest any players who are looking for something new.

As CQ9 is a Chinese and Taiwan cultured company, their game inspiration draws from a variety of Asian themes. It is no surprise that most of their games are related to mythical beings, heroes of old, fold tales, star signs, and anything and everything that inspires luck and fortune. Additionally, Chinese History and Myths are common depending on the region they are targeting.

Software PlatformCQ9 Platform
Software TechnologyHTML5
GamesSlots, Arcade, Multiplayer Online Board, Table games, Live Casino and Card games
Mobile GamingYes
Software LicensedYes
Game FeatureWild symbols, Stacked symbols, Multilingual, Natural RNG, Bonus games

Player’s Review On CQ9

  • CQ9 has the best cartoon visual game compared to other slot games. They make me experience new and refreshing slot games that draw my undivided attention. I can look and play for a long time without feeling bored.


    Anonymous A

  • This platform is the best magnet ever. Whenever I play any CQ9 games, I’m glued to my chair and sit for hours with just a game from them. What’s more, the longer I play, the higher my return can get.


    Anonymous B

  • Smooth and visual pleasing experience. I never once had a colourful and warm feeling slot game. Most of the game I tried are all dark, black, and dull in colour. They all feel something is off


    Anonymous C

  • When I’m looking for something fun and nice, CQ9 is where I’ll be at. When I’m not feeling my luck coming or when my motivation and mood become bad, CQ9 games can help to brighten it up with their cartoonish and colourful design.


    Anonymous D

  • Youth revisit! Playing their slot game makes you feel all child again with their fun soundtrack and visuals. Making you feel as a child is great as when you're a child, you feel like you can do anything.


    Anonymous E

CQ9's Licensing & Regulations

CQ9 ensure its slot games are all created with official license and regulation. Aside from having licenses from gambling jurisdictions of Brazil and Curacao, CQ9 also acquired certificates from Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) and eCogra, an official and independent software testing agency that primarily goes through all gaming software before they are published.

Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) is also the standard in the gaming industry that supervise more than 500 gambling sites for online casino worldwide. Players will recognize the certificate as the standard proof that players will search for when looking for the fairness and safety of a gaming platform.

Fret not for that country that does not cover with their local license as CQ9 licenses are approved by many other countries worldwide. You can ensure the game they release is tested and approved by an official corporation gaming license that may or may not be in your country. Additionally, as they have many internationally licensed corporation that give out the official certificate, you can ensure the games are all fair and square.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Slots GamesPaylineRTP
Good Fortune2096.89
Lucky Fishing2595.76

Fair and square, your wins depend on you and not some trick others can use. The company cannot amend at the backend that flavour themselves and players are guaranteed fair and square treatment for all their games with their selected governmental and corporate association such as Gaming Laboratories International(GLI).

There’s a rumour circling the industry that CQ9 will be compatible with UEA8 soon. This is no longer a story and will soon happen. No doubt CQ9 will choose UEA8 as their getaway and platform to host their slot games, as UEA8 is the biggest online casino in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Register now at UEA8 and start collecting member points to enjoy the upcoming CQ9 promotions.

Unique and chill gaming. The slot games they offer are colourful and bright, making them one of the most heartwarming games in the online gambling slot industry. The player can feel cheerful with each spin playing their slot game as they emit good energy. Good energy help players to be more lucky and eventually will lead to wins.

CQ9 software is one of the most relatively easy to use and navigate. The same goes for their theme of being childish, colourful and bright. CQ9 is clear with its objective to make its game easy, simple and straightforward. So new players should have no worry when playing and searching for games in CQ9 system as everything is adequately implemented for you to enjoy the best.
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