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Allbet Gaming, founded in 2014, is one of Asia’s most hot topics for gambling and entertainment corporations. Their main product and service is Baccarat online gaming platform. Perhaps one of the best in the industry, Allbet Gaming, has been at the pinnacle of online Baccarat in the gaming industry for many years and is still improving. Designed to fulfill the needs and wants of the players and prioritize functionality rather than creativity.

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Allbet Info

User Interface Friendliness: 4.87

Arg. RTP: 96.89%

Winning Rate: 93.48%

Number of Slot Games Available: 137 Games

Release Date: Jan 1, 2014

No of Authorised Casinos: 132

New Games Release: 18

Supported Platform: IOS, Android

Demo Play: Yes

Video Quality: High (1080, 4k)

Game Features: Free Games and Bonus Cash, Jackpots, Tournaments, Multipliers, and more.

Countries Available: Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Britain, Spain, Brazil and more.

Pros and Cons of Allbet

  • ✅ High-frequency Jackpot
  • ✅ Big Variety of Payout Lines
  • ✅ Item Card Rewards
  • ✅ Point Ranking Rewards
  • ✅ Sign-in Rewards & Exp
  • ✅ Specialist in mobile slots games
  • ❌ Lottery games are not available

Reviewer’s Impressions of Allbet

No doubt, companies that stay in this industry for years will get more recognition and trust compared to newly founded companies. Allbet Gaming is one of the old timers that entered the market before online gambling started to become the new trend, and that’s why they can position themselves in a very strategic point.

Allbet Gaming is always keen to look for new and unique ideas. They are one of the innovative companies in the gaming industry that dare to take the leap for something new. If you are an Allbet Gaming fan, then it’s no surprise that you will occasionally see new live dealer games or multiplay features. Those unique games can be successful because of their experience with employees in the industry for more than ten years.

Allbet Gaming Team aims to create the ultimate live gaming platforms that are able to exceed surpass any competitor in gameplay, stability, performance, and quality. They are already experts in the live casino field, and now, they have extended their game service to slot gaming. Many have high expectations for Allbet Gaming slot games as their success in live casinos has made their reputation one of the best online casino platforms.

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Allbet Slot Games

About Allbet

Allbet Gaming started and was founded way before the online casino became a trend which is 2014. Their headquarters is in the Philippines, and most of their live casino games studio is at PBCom in Makati Central Business District. Just for their headquarter and studio, they have an estimated 400 employees and working space covering up to 1500m.

As one of the oldest platforms in the market, Allebt follows the traditional way with their system, such as maximizing the space of their lobby with information and buttons for players. As games are available at Allbet, you can easily access ample information at the tip of your fingertip. For new players, the information and interface may look cluttered and messy, but once you get used to it, you will find that that information becomes your necessity to play well.

With the wide variety of games available at Allbet Gaming, it is said that the estimated number of games they have is around thousands. All the games released are guaranteed to be excellent, with great visuals, immersive sound effects, and animation. What’s more, you can also enjoy the game with your mobile device by downloading their mobile casino app.

Player’s Review On Allbet

  • Allbet has the best live chat system ever. Instead of other competitors who use bots to reply to you, Allbet uses a real person to reply to your message, which I like it. It feels more humane that they are actually trying to resolve your problem, not with a general answer.


    Anonymous A

  • I switched Allbet from their famous Baccarat game to their slot game, and so far, I love every bit of it. Although the games are fewer compared to 918kiss or Mega888, I trust Allbet enough to spend most of my time and money with it.


    Anonymous B

  • Allbet slot has one of the best returns. Ever since I tried out the Allbet slot game, I always have been able to get a good spin, and even at my worse, I manage to break even. Compared to others, the Allbet slot gives you a better chance than others. Allbet slot has one of the best returns. Ever since I tried out the Allbet slot game, I always have been able to get a good spin, and even at my worse, I manage to break even. Compared to others, the Allbet slot gives you a better chance than others.


    Anonymous C

  • High-quality gaming system through Allbet gaming. You can experience high-definition visuals close to 4k graphics without lagging and affecting your device performance. Important to note that you can play the whole day without feeling and getting any strain on your eyes.


    Anonymous D

  • I only trust this company because other competitors that I tried always leak out my phone number. I always receive scam call or salesman call to register and deposit. But with Allbet Gaming, all the scams and sales person stop calling me, and this showed me how secure and safe my information was being stored in Allbet Gaming without any worries.


    Anonymous E

Allbet's Licensing & Regulations

Allbet is licensed by several major gaming corporations, such as the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) and some others like Malta Gaming Authority and UK Gambling Commission. With the close observation from the licensed corporation, Allbet is guaranteed to maintain a high standard for players.

As Allbet has grown bigger, they ensured the standard and fairness of their game are easily maintained and well sustained with the assistance of other corporations such as the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (CEZA), which is the Philippine government that recognized as an expert in regulating body structure of online gaming industry. Furthermore, any new game that Allbet releases will have to go through and pass the Third Party testing house Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) requirement.

The GLI certification that Allbet received plays a huge part in their live casino games and studio as they create an equitable, fair, and secure platform for players. All the test and performance statistics can be guaranteed, so players have no worries about their performance and transparency. With the certification and license of Allbet, players have no worries about their money deposit via their system and focus on playing the game itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Slots GamesPaylineRTP
Alien Fusion Slots2095.17
5 Reels of Furry Fun594.89
Alien Alchemy Creates Bigger Wins1594.22
Classic Heroes Wanted to Save the Planet1595.50
More Space Adventure Slots595.29

You can play Allbet anywhere and anytime! They are available for your mobile devices; you can download and play with your saved login. Compared to a website browser, you can easily access your account and game with just a few taps of your fingertips. Moreover, their app was created with HTML ensuring that all the performance and user experience are well maintained and stable throughout your game.

There are some other platforms that few people have seen, but the only place Allbet officially announces their compatibility is UEA8. At UEA8, you can safely and securely deposit your money into it and transfer it to Allbet without hassle. What’s more, you can receive member points when you deposit, so you can use the points to claim luxury goods.

Innovative ideas for slot games are common at Allbet. Fantasy to the middle east theme, you can expect a unique and innovative way of winning at Allbet. Colorful themes and quality art make those games come to life. Enjoy many ways of winning with Allbet.

Desktop and mobile devices are available for Allbet. You can easily choose whichever device suits you and use it. If you face unique difficulties, it is easy to access their live chat and ask your question to resolve the problem you’re facing. Moreover, with the great offers they have, it is common for players to clarify their promotions with their customer service.
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